Divorce Law

We view our role in divorce proceedings as to try and help couples reach fair and reasonable terms to part ways with each.


The Things We Focus On

There are a lot of different interests to consider with any divorce, but these the things we pay particular attention to.


Property & Finances

  • Pension fund interests

  • Immovably property & mortgage bonds

  • Credit card and similar debts

  • Shares and investments

  • Claims in terms of the accrual system

Children & Maintenance

  • Parenting plans regulating care and contact with minor children

  • Educational & medical expenses

  • Spousal maintenance



How much will it Cost?

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is when both spouses are already in agreement as to how they wish part ways with each other. We simply formalise your wishes in formal settlement agreement and help you with all the legal formalities.

We charge an all-inclusive fee of R8 500.00 for this service, which includes all expenses.

Contested Divorce

Sometimes, due to variety of factors, it's not possible for spouses to come to an agreement as to the terms of their divorce. The matter is then considered a contested divorce and is referred to a court to adjudicate on the issues in dispute.

We fee in accordance with an hourly rate in contested matter. Contact us to to find out what our current prevailing rate it.

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