Landmark Judgments

We like to share short extract from famous court cases on our social media platforms.

These judgments are mostly from the Constitutional Court and they have all had an important impact on the development of South African law.

Here you can find full copies of such judgments for your our reading pleasure and education.

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S v Makwanyane and Another (1995)

In this judgment the Constitutional Court found that the death penalty was inconsistent with our Constitution.


Richter v The Minister for Home Affairs and Others (2009)

The Constitutional Court held that section 33(1)(e) of the Electoral Act and the related provisions of the Regulations constitute an unjustifiable limitation of section 19 of the Constitution in restricting the classes of registered voters who are absent from the Republic on election day from participating in elections.

The consequence of this conclusion was that the Court had to make an order extending the period within which those who are to be abroad on polling day may notify the Chief Electoral Officer of their intention to do so.