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— Maya Angelou

Acting in association with Watson Attorneys, we provide  our clients with a one-stop service point for all of their property law related needs.

Here is a brief overview of some of the services we provide:

  • Drafting deeds of sale and related agreements, such as partnership and joint venture agreements.

  • Conventional and Sectional Title transfers.

  • Sale transfers, estate transfers, donation transfers, divorce transfers.

  • General advice on Sectional Title Schemes and their Management.

  • Residential and Commercial property developments.

  • General notarial services.

  • Servitudes and other limited real rights.

  • General and notarial bonds.

  • Drafting commercial and residential lease agreements

  • Residential and commercial evictions.

  • Rent collection and evictions.

  • Property law related litigation concerning issues such as:

    • Divorce disputes.

    • Build quality and compliance issues.

    • Termination of joint-ownership.

    • Property developments